Norwich v Manchester United: FA Cup quarter-final – live!

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ET 30 min: United are one extra minute away from the semis. ET 29......30pm BST.

ET 30 min: United are one extra minute away from the semis.

ET 29 min: That’s surely sent United into the semi-finals! Norwich take one last throw of the dice, replacing Lewis with Idah.

GOAL! Norwich City 1-2 Manchester United (Maguire 118)

Pogba curls in from the left. Ighalo can’t quite control, but he instigates some pinball, and from the middle of a melee, Maguire sticks out a boot and guides the ball into the bottom right from six yards!

Manchester United’s Harry Maguire guides the ball home.
Manchester United’s Harry Maguire guides the ball home. Photograph: Catherine Ivill/Reuters


ET 27 min: A corner for United on the left. Before it’s taken, the referee bollocks a few players; he’s watching out for holding. The tension mounts. The corner finally comes in. Maguire throws himself at it. No good. But no worries, because ...

ET 25 min: Lewis goes haring after Hernandez’s pass down the left. At full pelt, he stops the ball on the byline, but Fernandes is on his shoulder and swans off with it. What lung capacity at such a late stage.

ET 24 min: Another fine save by Krul, as he turns a low, swerving Fernandes shot round the post. That was heading into the bottom left. From the resulting corner, Maguire sends a harmless header floating over the bar.

ET 23 min: That was a wonderful save in the circumstances. Maguire looked genuinely perplexed that his header hadn’t gone in.

ET 21 min: Martial earns a corner out on the left. Fernandes takes. Maguire wins a header at the far post. He guides it powerfully towards the bottom right ... but Krul throws himself across to claw it out just in time! That looked in all the way. Norwich survive!

ET 20 min: United pour forward again, but there’s no fluency in this particular move and eventually Ighalo clatters into Tettey. More blessed relief for the under-the-cosh hosts.

ET 19 min: Hernandez turns and drives in from the left. It’s beginning to look like a dangerous run, so Fernandes cynically clips his heels. A yellow card, and a free kick. Norwich load the box, but Duda’s delivery is awful and an easy pluck for Romero.

Bruno Fernandes downs Onel Hernandez of Norwich.
Bruno Fernandes downs Onel Hernandez of Norwich. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/NMC pool


ET 18 min: Fernandes hoicks over the bar from distance. Norwich, having been given the runaround since the restart, will be glad to see it and take a breath.

ET 17 min: Rashford has a couple of whacks from just inside the area. Eventually the ball ricochets away from the Norwich goal.

Norwich get the second half of extra time underway. They haven’t made any changes. United, of course, have already burned through their quota of subs.

Paul Pogba skips a challenge.
Paul Pogba skips a challenge. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/NMC pool


EXTRA TIME, HALF TIME: Norwich City 1-1 Manchester United

There’s just enough time for Rashford to blaze over from distance, and that’s the end of the first half of extra time. The ten men of Norwich are halfway towards a penalty shoot-out, surely their best chance of making the semis. Can United press home their advantage?

ET 15 min: Rashford swings a stunning cross from the left towards Martial at the far post. The presence of Lewis is enough to put Martial off, and the ball sails out for a goal kick. Fine defending by Lewis, with Martial waiting to tap home.

ET 14 min: Pogba creams one from 25 yards. The ball oscillates wildly; Krul nearly parries it into his own net, but the ball loops up and away. He gathers eventually. A heart-in-mouth moment for the Canaries.

ET 12 min: Lewis battles Williams down the Norwich left and wins a throw in United territory. He takes his time over the throw. But it’s not all about clock management, as the hosts then threaten for the first time in a while. Hernandez dribbles in from the left with purpose, but a chance to shoot doesn’t present itself. Drmic tries to burst through the middle, but no dice. Finally Lewis crosses from the left but the ball’s to nobody in particular.

ET 10 min: Drmic attempts to launch a rare Norwich attack, but gifts the ball to Fernandes and sets up another United one instead. Norwich are very fortunate that United over-elaborate, Pogba pausing, Williams eventually losing possession.

ET 8 min: Duda barges Shaw over out on the left. A chance for United to load the box. Fernandes decides to go for the top right directly, but gets it all wrong, blazing the free kick high over the crowded area. Goal kick.

ET 7 min: Martial comes on for Bailly, becoming the first sixth-substitute in English football history.

ET 6 min: Manchester United take two throw-ins at once. Maguire and Fernandes pushing the envelope there, hoping to introduce a new multi-ball feature into the laws of the game.

ET 4 min: A bit of time and space for Rashford, 25 yards out. He takes a touch and pearls one towards the top right. Krul does extremely well to tip over. From the resulting corner, Bailly hoicks wildly over.

ET 2 min: It’s all United in these early extra-time exchanges.

United get the first half of extra-time underway. Norwich have made one change, swapping Buendia for Duda. United are quickly on the front foot, Pogba meeting a looping cross-cum-shot by flashing a header wide left.

A draw’s probably about right, though United were much improved in the second half and pushed hard for the winner towards the end. They’ll fancy their chances of finishing ten-man Norwich off in extra time, if the last few minutes were anything to go by.

FULL TIME: Norwich City 1-1 Manchester United

And that’s it! We’re going to extra time ... and penalties if needs be.

90 min +6: Very nearly! Rashford feeds Pogba down the left. Pogba smashes one towards the bottom left from a tight angle. Krul parries wonderfully, then Pogba is caught offside while performing a rabona.

Manchester United’s Paul Pogba attempts a rabona but is offside anyway.
Manchester United’s Paul Pogba attempts a rabona but is offside anyway. Photograph: Joe Giddens/NMC Pool/PA


90 min +5: It’s attack versus defence in Norwich’s final third. Can United find a late winner?

90 min +4: Shaw bustles in from the left and has a dig. The ball ricochets off a Norwich defender and up onto his forearm. The ref blows for handball, and it’s more relief for the hosts.

90 min +2: Norwich are suddenly flapping. They’re very happy to see Fernandes float a harmless chip out for a goal kick.

90 min: Before the corner can be taken, Cantwell is replaced by the more defensive Trybull. The corner leads to nothing. There will be six added minutes.

89 min: Fernandes takes the resulting free kick, just to the right of the D. He tries to thread a clever one into the bottom right, but it’s blocked out for a corner.

RED CARD! Klose (Norwich City)

88 min: Fernandes backflicks down the inside-right channel to release Ighalo, who has spun Klose. The Norwich defender grapples with the striker from behind and brings him down. The ref goes straight for the red card. It’s an easy decision, though of course VAR has to poke its neb in. But the decision stands.

Timm Klose appeals but is given red.
Timm Klose appeals but is given red. Photograph: Catherine Ivill/Getty Images


87 min: United had been rocking slightly, so do well to stroke it around the back awhile and regain their equilibrium.

85 min: Fernandes shapes to shoot from the edge of the box. He’s denied by a perfectly timed sliding tackle by Williams. United are hanging on a bit here; they’ve totally lost their earlier rhythm.

84 min: Norwich smell blood. Cantwell dinks a ball down the right for Drmic. The striker enters the box and pulls back for Buendia, who unleashes a low diagonal daisy-burner that flies inches wide of the left-hand post.

82 min: Godfrey one-twos with Buendia down the right and curls in for Drmic, who extends a leg with a view to prodding home ... but is beaten to the cross by Romero’s spectacular diving punch. That’s fine goalkeeping.

Manchester United’s goalkeeper Sergio Romero flies off his line to make a punched clearance.
Manchester United’s goalkeeper Sergio Romero flies off his line to make a punched clearance. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/NMC pool


80 min: Pogba releases Greenwood down the right. Greenwood drops a shoulder to cut past McLean and tear in to the box. He sends a power-curler inches wide of the top left. Krul was a bystander. That was a glorious effort. So close to regaining the lead for United.

78 min: Before the corner - which, spoiler alert, is wasted - United make a double change in midfield, removing Fred and McTominay and sending on Pogba and Matic.

77 min: United try to grab back the initiative in short order. First Greenwood and Ighalo nearly open Norwich up down the right; then Rashford bustles to earn a corner out on the left.

GOAL! Norwich City 1-1 Manchester United (Cantwell 75)

The underdogs are level, and this is a screamer! Cantwell is teed up by Hernandez, who had cut in from the left. He unleashes an unstoppable swerver into the bottom right from 25 yards! Romero was unsighted by Maguire and had no chance of getting a hand to it.

Todd Cantwell of Norwich City strikes in the equalising goal!
Todd Cantwell of Norwich City strikes in the equalising goal! Photograph: Tom Jenkins/NMC Pool
Todd Cantwell is congratulated by his teammates.
Cantwell is congratulated by his teammates. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/NMC Pool


73 min: That’s drinks. Time for Norwich to swap Pukki with Drmic, and for the BBC to show a replay of that astonishing Godfrey incident. And good news for the Norwich defender: the ball was going wide, and Tettey, lurking nearby, may well have been flagged offside anyway. So he’s not denied his own team a goal. That’s good to know.


70 min: Greenwood clumsily barges into Lewis out on the left. Free kick. And what follows is truly farcical! The free kick’s whipped into the mixer by Buendia. Fernandes accidentally eyebrows the flying ball towards the bottom right. Romero is beaten all ends up, but the ball’s stopped on the line by Godfrey, who was in the process of falling over. It hit his shoulder; he could do nothing about it.

68 min: Cantwell has a whack from 25 yards, but Fred blocks. Norwich still haven’t forced Romero into serious action. Maguire, yes; the keeper no.

67 min: Rashford should spring the overtaking Shaw into the Norwich box, but his pass down the left channel is too heavy. Goal kick. Shaw, having hared after that at full tank-emptying pelt, won’t be particularly amused by that.

66 min: Cantwell is down, holding his jaw. There was a coming together with McTominay’s shoulder. Cantwell, back up, claims it was deliberate; neither referee nor VAR agree. We play on.

65 min: A free kick for United out on the left, Godfrey having whacked Ighalo upside the head. Fernandes swings the free kick into the mixer, but it’s an uncharacteristically directionless effort and Norwich clear with ease.

Odion Ighalo down.
Odion Ighalo down. Photograph: Joe Giddens/AP


64 min: Norwich make a change too, sending on Hernandez in place of Rupp.

63 min: United prepare a triple substitution and take a year and a day to make it. Eventually Dalot, Mata and Lingard make way for Williams, Rashford and Greenwood.

60 min: Lewis skedaddles down the left and finds Pukki in the middle. Pukki over-elaborates and can’t get a shot away. Aarons fires a low ball in from the right, but it’s hoicked clear by Maguire. That’s a little better from Norwich, who are slowly recovering from the blow of conceding.

57 min: Another tricky run by Lingard, this time down the left. He does extremely well to dribble his way into enough space to cross, but there’s nobody in red in the middle. United have been so much better since the restart.

56 min: Lewis attempts a curler from the left-hand edge of the United box, but his shot is blocked by his own man Pukki, wandering around in the confused style.

54 min: Fernandes cuts back to Lingard, sashaying in from the left. Lingard looks to curl one into the top right, but the ball balloons up, allowing Krul to claim under pressure from Ighalo.

53 min: Norwich respond well, McLean driving down the left and earning a corner. Godfrey challenges Maguire but the United defender wins the aerial duel. Pukki tries to keep the pressure on, but his cross from the right is blocked.

GOAL! Norwich City 0-1 Manchester United (Ighalo 51)

United get their act together. Maguire swans forward. He sends Shaw off down the left. Shaw hooks in for Mata, who dinks forward for Ighalo, onside in acres of space. Ighalo swivels and prods the dropping ball past Krul. A classic poacher’s strike.

Odion Ighalo poaches to put United ahead.
Odion Ighalo poaches to put United ahead. Photograph: Marc Aspland/NMC Pool
Ighalo celebrates another Cup goal.
Ighalo celebrates another Cup goal. Photograph: Matthew Peters/Manchester United/Getty Images


49 min: Mata nearly finds Fernandes inside the Norwich box with a dainty flick down the right channel. Not quite. Much, much better from United, though. Solskjaer has obviously delivered the classic Get Your Act Together speech.

Not much action so here’s a general view of Carrow Road.
Not much action so here’s a general view of Carrow Road. Photograph: Catherine Ivill/NMC Pool/PA


47 min: Cantwell romps down the left but can’t quite find Pukki in the middle with a fierce cross-cum-shot from a tight angle. Now it’s Norwich’s turn to waste a corner. Both teams have clearly been given the hairdryer treatment at half-time. The pace is notably quicker.

46 min: Nothing comes of the corner. There were no half-time changes, incidentally.

United get the ball rolling for the second half. After a fashion, that is, Bruno Fernandes having taken his own sweet time to return. And they’re quickly on the front foot, Fred floating a delicious pass down the inside-right channel to find Fernandes, whose timing is off again as he attempts a spectacular Mark Hughes style swivel kick. He doesn’t connect properly, and Klose slashes out for a corner.

HALF TIME: Norwich City 0-0 Manchester United

During two added minutes, Lingard whips a wayward shot over the Norwich bar from distance, and that’s that. Daniel Farke will be happy enough, his team having come closest to scoring. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be pondering some half-time changes, because United need to crank it up a notch. A reminder that this tie will go to extra time and penalties if needs be. Back soon!

45 min: Aarons threatens to scamper clear down the right, but Fred does extremely well to usher him out of play. Norwich have visibly grown in confidence, United having posed very little threat during this first half.

44 min: Cantwell dances his way down the left and pulls the ball back for Rupp, in space just inside the box. Rupp peals a fine shot towards the bottom right. It’s heading in, with Romero rooted to the spot, but United are saved thanks to a superb last-ditch block by Maguire. That was a fine Norwich move and some defending from the top drawer.

42 min: Cantwell’s back up and running. Maguire tries to spread the play with a left-to-right diagonal rake towards Dalot. A fine pass, but Dalot lets the ball roll under his foot and out of play. Another reason for Maguire to frown hard. The captain’s annoyed.

41 min: Cantwell is down, having slipped into Maguire, who was looking the other way and couldn’t avoid contact. A sore one, doubtless, but it looks as though the sting of pain has subsided quickly and he’ll be good to continue.

39 min: There really is nothing going on. This is a non-event right now.

37 min: Maguire tests Romero with a fizzer of a backpass. He’s lucky the keeper has good reactions, and feet to match. Maguire has the good grace to furrow his brow in contemplation.

35 min: United stroke it around to no effect whatsoever. They could really do with Martial or Rashford up front. Norwich are completely comfortable right now. The second half maybe.

33 min: Cantwell sends Pukki clear down the inside-right channel, United’s defence having gone AWOL. But Pukki has no pace whatsoever, and Shaw is permitted to get back into the race. Pukki holds up, then involves Cantwell and Buendia, but the resulting attempt to keep the attack going is over-elaborate and the ball breaks harmlessly through to Romero. United would have been in serious trouble there if Pukki had the legs.

32 min: McTominay strides into the Norwich box from the right and pearls a shot goalwards. But it’s blocked by Lewis. From the resulting throw, Dalot is fouled by Cantwell. Fernandes swings in the free kick. There’s a mild hubbub, nothing more. Norwich clear.

30 min: Another corner for United, out on the left. Fernandes delivers. Bailly heads harmlessly over. This is all very nearly-not-quite. Norwich will undoubtedly be the happier team, expectation levels and all that.

28 min: Mata is brushed off the ball with absurd ease by Buendia. McLean takes up possession and hares down the middle, before flaying a dismal shot miles over the bar. He had time to line that up properly and work Romero.

27 min: Ighalo tries to turn a Dalot infield pass round the corner in the hope of releasing McTominay down the inside-right channel. A cute idea, but it doesn’t come off.

25 min: All gone! [taps upside-down cup, wipes mouth] The game restarts.

23 min: Aarons blooters wildly into the stand behind the United goal, and that’s drinks!

22 min: United string a very pretty move together. Fernandes pings a pass towards Shaw on the left. Shaw cuts inside and lays off to Fred, who slides a forward pass down the channel for McTominay. He backflicks first time, and very nearly springs Ighalo clear on goal. But Ighalo can’t make the ball behave and Krul gathers.

Norwich City’s Emiliano Buendia battles for possession with Fred.
Norwich City’s Emiliano Buendia battles for possession with Fred. Photograph: Joe Giddens/2020 Pool


20 min: Fernandes quarterbacks from deep, floating a diagonal ball towards Dalot, just inside the Norwich area on the right. Dalot can’t get it under control, and a brief window of opportunity to shoot is gone.

18 min: Pukki romps into an absurd amount of space down the right. He’s got options in the middle, but stands one up in exactly the wrong place, and it’s an easy clearance for Dalot. United break up the other end, but Ighalo can’t end a purposeful sortie with any sort of shot.

17 min: United continue to hog possession, but it’s all a bit flat. Shaw and Lingard attempt to combine down the left, but the attack is easily blotted out. Norwich look relatively comfortable at the minute.

15 min: Lewis is getting plenty of space and opportunity down the left. It’s not always clear where Dalot is or what he’s doing. But once again Lewis fails to find a team-mate. United need to address this situation.

13 min: Lingard dribbles, ball glued to his boot, down the middle in intricate style. He nearly breaks through a forest of Norwich defenders, but Rupp is one man too many and he blocks before a shot’s sent goalwards. That was a lovely run, shame it led to nothing.

11 min: United have had 68 percent of possession so far. Lingard and Mata combine down the right and win a corner. Nothing comes from it.

9 min: Lewis finds some space down the left and crosses to the far post. Buendia can’t get a header goalwards, and the danger is gone. After a slow start, some entertainment is threatening to break out.

8 min: The first corner of the day is United’s. It’s swung in from the left. Maguire rises at the far post and loops a header across goal and towards the top left. Krul plucks it from the sky.

7 min: A ridiculous 60 seconds for Bailly. First he executes a preposterous belly flop upon being shoved lightly in the back by McLean. Then he stands on the ball near the left-hand corner flag with Cantwell applying pressure. Cantwell can’t find anyone in yellow in the middle, and Bailly breathes a long sigh of relief.

5 min: Buendia drives down the right, with Rupp by his side. United look a little light at the back, so they’re grateful that Buendia takes his eye off the ball and dribbles straight into Fred.

3 min: Aarons miscontrols a simple pass from Godfrey and it’s a United throw deep in Norwich territory. Fred drives at the Norwich box from the left, and the hosts are relieved when he miscontrols. The ball’s finally cleared.

2 min: United quickly assume control. Dalot and Mata probe down the right. Then McTominay takes his time before floating a diagonal ball towards nobody in particular. Goal kick. A gentle start, in other words.

Norwich get the ball rolling ... but only after all 22 players take a knee. Black lives matter.

Before we kick off, there’s a minute of applause for those working on the frontline during this pandemic. Also a time to remember the souls lost to the virus.

Juan Mata and his Manchester United team-mates during a minute’s applause for key workers.
Juan Mata and his Manchester United team-mates during a minute’s applause for key workers. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/NMC pool


The teams are out! Manchester United emerge from the tight tunnel first, according to distancing protocol. They’re wearing their famous red shirts and black shorts. Norwich soon follow in their trademark yellow and green. We’ll be off soon!

Andy Townsend (right, subs please check) wearing Norwich’s colours back in 1989.
Andy Townsend (right, subs please check) wearing Norwich’s colours back in 1989. Photograph: Colorsport/Rex


Now it’s the turn of United’s Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, and he appears extremely relaxed, laughing off a question about his eight changes. “Ah, it’s only one change from the last round! And Harry Maguire was meant to play that one but he was sick! This is a team that deserved another chance in the FA Cup. They played well against Derby and we decided to give them another go. I feel we’ve got a strong squad, we trust the players to go out there and show what they are capable of. There’s ten full internationals there, so it should be a good team. The FA Cup is a great tournament. To be able to lift it, for a team that is coming together, that would be fantastic. But all eyes on this one. The boys are ready.”

Norwich boss Daniel Farke speaks! “We know we are the underdog. It’s in the DNA of Manchester United, they are always competing for titles and it’s their last chance this season, so they will be highly motivated. And they are 12 games unbeaten, with all their players more or less available. So we are full of respect. We know we need something really special, but we are really motivated.”

Of course, we had been expecting to be waist-deep in the Euros by late June. But here we are, concerned with the FA Cup instead. Strange times, strange times. For those suffering a pang of Euro withdrawal, today marks the four-year anniversary of this ...

Norwich City make three changes to the side defeated at home by Everton three days ago. Onel Hernandez, Ondrej Duda and Josip Drmic are replaced by Emiliano Buendia, Todd Cantwell and Teemu Pukki.

Manchester United make eight changes to the team that brushed Sheffield United aside midweek. Cup goalkeeper Sergio Romero replaces David de Gea. Elsewhere, in come Diogo Dalot, Eric Bailly, Scott McTominay, Fred, Juan Mata, Jesse Lingard and Odion Ighalo; out go Victor Lindelof, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Paul Pogba, Nemanja Matic, Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood.

David de Gea warms up before taking his place as a substitute today.
David de Gea warms up before taking his place as a substitute today. Photograph: Joe Giddens/Reuters


The teams

Norwich City: Krul, Aarons, Godfrey, Klose, Lewis, Tettey, McLean, Rupp, Buendia, Cantwell, Pukki.
Subs: McGovern, Vrancic, Leitner, Hernandez, Stiepermann, Trybull, Drmic, Duda, Idah.

Manchester United: Romero, Dalot, Bailly, Maguire, Shaw, McTominay, Fred, Mata, Fernandes, Lingard, Ighalo.
Subs: De Gea, Fosu-Mensah, Williams, Pereira, Matic, Pogba, Greenwood, Martial, Rashford.

Referee: Jon Moss (West Yorkshire).



Norwich City have a better record against Manchester United in the FA Cup than you might imagine. A far better record. United won the first tie between the two clubs in 1906 easily, 3-0 at their old Bank Street ground; they won the last time the clubs met in the cup in 1994, Eric Cantona and Roy Keane doing the business at Carrow Road. But in between, there were three other meetings ... and Norwich won them all.

January 1959: United, en route to a second-place finish in the league, are stuffed by third-tier Norwich in the third round. Terry Bly is the two-goal hero of a 3-0 shock in the Carrow Road snow. The legendary John Arlott was in the stand, reporting for the Observer. “The East Anglian roar, which had risen through defiance and hope to expectation, ended in a bugle of exultation. It wasn’t merely a famous, but a well-won, victory.” City made it all the way to the semis, before losing narrowly to Luton Town of the First Division.

February 1967: United are on their way to the league championship this time. But there would be no double. After 26 minutes of a fourth-round tie at Old Trafford, Don Heath romped clear, drew Alex Stepney, and slotted home. “It made me feel ten feet tall,” he grinned afterwards. Denis Law equalised with a characteristically impudent flick, but after 65 minutes Gordon Bolland intercepted a poor Nobby Stiles backpass and City, fourth from bottom of the Second Division, went through. “Anyone will do in the next round,” trilled Canaries boss Lol Morgan. “If you can beat United, you can beat anyone!” Sure enough, they were dispatched 3-1 at home by Sheffield Wednesday in the fifth round.

February 1991: United are holders now ... but not for much longer. A fifth-round tie at Carrow Road is level after an hour, Robert Fleck and Brian McClair having exchanged goals. At which point substitute Ruel Fox ... and here we allow the legendary David Lacey to pick things up ... “emerged from between two hoardings advertising somebody’s poultry and treated Alex Ferguson’s defence like a hen-coop.” Within three minutes Fox had sent Dale Gordon clear on goal. He slotted the winner past Les Sealey. The combination nearly paid off again eight minutes later, but this time Gordon hit a post. City were beaten by eventual finalists Nottingham Forest in the sixth round.

Norwich, then, have history on their side. On the other hand, they’re currently rock bottom of the Premier League having lost their last three matches, while in-form United are on a 13-match unbeaten spree, and they’ve won seven of the last eight meetings between the clubs. So make what you will of all that, but remember that in the FA Cup anything can happen, and often does. A place in the semi-finals is up for grabs, and will be decided today, even if there must be penalties. It is, my dearest MBM friends, on!

Kick off: 5.30pm BST.