Engage on social with confidence

Join an Open Social Network where you can share with the world and be part of the World Senate

Our powerful system features let you engage on social media with confidence.

Socialize effectively with these flexible features
  • Befriend other citizens on the network
  • Chat and share with your friends
  • You can play the MMO World Senate browser game and more
  • Make a stand as a World Representative or World Senator
  • Post blogs on the network, everyone can see them
  • Create pages for your business
  • Post products you have for sell on the market so people can contact you
  • Get rewarded for your contribution to the network
  • Many other things you can do, explore them all
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On Scwacy.com social network you can decide the fate of the world in both the World Senate on Social Network and the World Senate Game.

Chat with friends and befriend new citizens while playing together the World Senate game.
From all activities you do in World Senate your earn fame which gives you a higher rank in the leaderboards.
Join a country and play together with the rest of the world, countries are all part of the World Senate.
Stay entertained with activities like buy properties, participate in country wars, agent fights, races and more.